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Selected Exhibitions

2016 You Get What You’re Given: Group Show, Hoxton Arches, 17 – 20th November


2014 Concrete Communications (detail): Ready To Die, Group show, 2312 Gallery, Seattle


2014 Concrete Communications (detail): Ready To Die, Group show, One Grand Gallery, Portland Oregon


2014 The Space I Don’t Have In My Head: Space//Squared, Group show, White Walls, San Francisco


2013 Concrete Communications: Solo installation at Dalston Department Store, London


2013 Breaking Bounds: Group sculpture show at The Crypt Gallery, London


2013 The London Art Exchange present: Networking Made Visible – A Tightrope Act; an installation within Richard Wentworth’s Black Maria, King’s Cross, London


2012 Abstracted Snowflakes: Large scale festive installation at King’s Cross, London


2012 Key to the Cosmos: Installation to celebrate the launch of Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design documentary, Royal Society, London.  In association with Discovery Channel


2012 GAME-ON: Group exhibition and co-curator at Westwerk Gallery, Hamburg


2012 The Cheek: Solo show at Staircase Space pop-up gallery, London


2011 City Lit, Group sculpture show. City Lit, London


2010 Black Groyne: Group installation, Brighton Beach


2000 Tarmac Bench: Solo show, Wicks Builders Merchants, Nottingham


2000 Carpet Arrows: Solo show, Sunday Mirror offices, Canary Wharf, London